Review Requests

Hello there!

As of now, my review requests are OPEN! If you are an author or publisher and are interested in having me reviewing your novel, please read below to find out how. Thank you so much for your interest!

Please know that my opinions will not be skewed by my thoughts of the publisher and/or author, and will be honest and thoughtful based on the contents of the novel.

It can take anywhere between a few days to a few weeks for me to read and review the book, depending on how busy I am. If I am running behind on reading, or if something unexpected comes up, I will send an e-mail update to let you know what is going on. I truly my hardest to stick to the dates that we choose, if I am to accept your review request.

What do I review?

My Genre Preferences:

I primarily read Young Adult Fiction and New Adult Fiction with the below genres:

  • Contemporary
  • Romance

Very rarely, but if I like the plot enough, I may read:

  • Historical Fiction
  • Non-Fiction

DO NOT review fantasy, sci-fi, supernatural or anything along these lines.

Where do I post reviews?

I post reviews on Kayla Reads and Reviews, and cross-post them to Goodreads and on my Instagram account Kaylareadsbooks.  A link to new posts on my blog is automatically posted on Twitter.

Other Notes: 

I prefer physical ARCs, but completely understand how limited those can be and will accept eARCs as well. I can accept eARCs (in mobi file for my kindle only), or if the book is already published it can be in either physical or ebook form.

I am also an ownvoices reviewer for books with Jewish characters, especially Modern Orthodox Jews.

Please understand that depending on how busy I am at the time, I reserve the right to decline a review request. I also reserve the right to decline if I am not interested in the novel.

Authors: If you are interested in a promo/review on Kayla Reads and Reviews please make sure to include in your e-mail: (1) Book Cover (2) Book Summary (3) Link to Goodreads. I can not promise that I will accept every email that comes my way, but I will take every one into consideration. I DO NOT accept reviews of books that I need to purchase. Please do not send me an Amazon link to your book, asking me to purchase it and review it. 

Publishers: Even though my schedule changes and things do get busy, I will try to work something out to be able to work with you. I will take every request into consideration.

Even though I do not keep my review requests open all the time, I would still love the chance to be able to work with you! I would love to be able to help promote the book in whatever way I can! Examples of this may be (and are not limited to) an interview, excerpt, guest post or giveaway! I try as hard as I can to line up the majority of my posts at least three weeks in advance, so please keep this in mind when requesting! If you’re going to need or want a review or promotional post up by or on a certain date please make sure to let me know!


How to Submit a Review Request:

Please email me at: .It would be very helpful if somewhere in the subject it said “book review request”

Also PLEASE if you can, add trigger or content warnings. I will not read a book that features sexual assault or rape that is described in detail. If it is mentioned in passing or spoken about, that is fine. But I do not read novels that have detailed scenes of rape and/or sexual assault. Any other kinds of sensitive content just provide a trigger or content warning.

Thank you so much for considering my blog to showcase your novel! I look forward to hearing from you!